SasTech KioskNet

Object and Information Distribution System


The Better Way To Distribute Your Stuff.

Trusted by the best companies in Second Life, KioskNet is the leading networked kiosk supplier.

Distribute anything, advertise effectively, sign up subscribers, run hunts, collect donations, and delight your customers with awesome kiosks. KioskNet gets the word out - it's the most powerful business tool you'll ever own.


The KioskNet system is a powerful and reliable system to inform, distribute, and advertise your message and your brand. At the core is a powerful networked, web-integrated kiosk network that can be used to give out any kind of object - magazines, club schedules, group info, freebies, even URLs and teleport links.
Core System Info

KioskNet comes in specialty editions optimized and configured for a particular purpose. Each Edition comes with ready-to-use kiosks to get you up and running fast with additional full-perm sample kiosks you can use and modify as well. It's easier than ever to get a complete network up and running.

The SasTech KioskNet system is completely modular and expandable. You can buy any edition and upgrade it with any or all of the addons later.

The best way to learn about the various editions is to visit my store and try out the sample systems on the right wall. Go to: SasTech in SecondLife

  • Basic

    The Basic Edition is great for item distribution and advertising. It's very simple to configure and maintain. The Basic Edition comes with a copyable server and full perm kiosk ready to use and 9 extra great looking full perm kiosks you can use as-is or modify how you like. The basic edition can be expanded with any combination of addons (see below).

  • Subscriber

    The Subscriber Edition is perfect for creating and maintaining a subscriber list. It comes with ready-to-deploy kiosks that allow customers to subscribe, resend old messages, and manage their subscription. It also comes with powerful tools to send out IMs and items to all your subscribers. You can set options to repeat sends on a schedule, only send when users are online, or send at a certain date/time automatically. You can easily import your existing list of subscribers, or export them at the click of a button. More importantly, there are NO subscriber limits and NO extra fees!

  • Hunt

    The Hunt Edition includes everything you need to provide hunt advertising kiosks and an item giver that you can distribute to all your designers to give or sell their hunt item. The included Hunt Item Giver gadget automatically creates an online, up-to-date list of all the hunt item givers and their contents, saving you tons of time teleporting around making sure your designers have their item ready to go. They can also be stealthed to fool area search tools. It also gives you control over the price each hunt item is sold at as well as a count for the designer of how many items were sold/given during the hunt. Most importantly, it's easy for your designers to set up!

  • Fundraiser

    The Fundraiser Edition is perfect for running fundraisers. You can set up custom pay amounts, splits, payment alerts, and full detailed record keeping is done of every single payment that you can view and export online. You can also have teams assigned to specific kiosks, or even have kiosk owners add an item to sell from the kiosk! This is all you need for a powerful, complete fundraising kiosk system to help you reach your goals.

  • Virtual Button

    The Virtual Button Edition is the most powerful version. It allows you to create "virtual" clickable buttons anywhere on your kiosk display, with NO additional prims. Your buttons can do amazing things - give out items, load web pages, subscribe people, send an inworld group join request, give a teleport link, and lots of others. The real power is that you can update the texture AND the button layout on your entire network of kiosks easily - at any time! Need a new button after you've deployed all your kiosks? No problem, just add it, and all your kiosks will update automatically! You'll be amazed and the power and flexibility of the Virtual Button Edition for the ultimate custom kiosk needs.

  • Real Estate

    The Real Estate Edition is great for creating kiosks to help sell your real estate. Each kiosk on your parcels shows vital parcel info to visitors. But the real power is that you get a free online parcel listing of all your parcels for sale in a real nice format for your potential customers to browse and search! You don't need to set up a fancy website or anything - it's all included. Just configure your server, set up your kiosks, and when you place them out on your parcels, your parcel listing is automatically and immediately updated! You'll also get notifications of parcel sales, too. More Info

Every day businesses all over Second Life depend on KioskNet to distribute their magazines, promotions, gifts, and information to thousands of customers across the grid, subscribe customers to their mail list, and send out information to their subscribers.

KioskNet kiosks on the grid today: 16,289

  • Item Distribution
  • Subscriber Group Messaging
  • Web Administration
  • Totally Customizable
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Powerful
  • Personal Support
5 stars

Rated 5 out of 5 stars on the SL Marketplace!

INCREDIBLE product and customer support! The mind-boggling power and potential of this system are already well known. However, with the very latest beta version, Sasun has made it as user-friendly as you can get. And the cherry on top is the customer support which words cannot even describe. She spent a very long time helping me get my system set up in a custom kiosk, and I don't mean grudgingly answering my questions. She seemed to genuinely want to help me "get it right" - and for MY needs. She even went above and beyond, giving me tips I hadn't even known to ask for. I can't recommend this system enough. It will seriously take your business to the next ten levels -

O...M...G I'm not into hunts or giving out kiosks like some that may buy this all I wanted was a simple kiosk that did everything I needed. This seems to do just that. I will admit I am still setting it up, but even before I bought it I IM'd the creator with questions as I didn't want to buy if it didn't fit my needs. The response was more than speedy! And she chatted with me for ages when I bought the product helping me out with things my little brain either couldn't fathom or my questions about groups invites on rez, or group gifts. The best customer service you'll find! Thank you Sasun! -

If you're in advertising and promotions, this is the system for you!! I simply love this kiosk solution. I used to use 3 different systems to run my ad boards, subscription systems and item givers but I've found the the SasTech systems does all that and more! I'll admit when I first purchased this, it looked a bit daunting and I didn't adopt it right away. What a mistake that was. After taking the time and digging in, I found the system pretty easy to get started with and after tweaking some of the provided examples it all became clear. It's powerful, versatile and off-grid back end is full of useful tools. Most importantly, Sasun actually supports her products. That's become a rare thing in SL anymore but I can tell you she's been super helpful and sincerely wants you to have success with your usage of the product. Frankly, it's a bargain at twice this price. -

Love it! I can't tell you how many hours of agony this kiosk and the hunt giver item combined have saved me. It's made hunts go much smoother because it always works and does exactly what you need it to do -

Haven't used a subscriber in ages But this one is just awesome , no monthly fees and well ... no monthly fees lol. I always forgot to pay my old one and that's why i ended up deleting it out of frustration and created an inworld group. This one was also pretty easy to install if you follow the instructions from the site step by step , had a little impasse with the sending notices part but the creator responded promply ! service ***** product ***** -

OMG I Love this Tool!! Worth every Linden$$ ... I am a hunt organizer and I have to say this tool is a great help in staying on top of things. I can now see who has their signs up without having to visit their locations, and sending out messages is so much faster and easier, and very reliable. I plan on shortly purchasing the hunt prim tool for my next hunt. :)) -

A.w.e.s.o.m.e I am very excited that I switched over to this system it's very amazing and the customer service is great!I had a small problem but got fast help with it.Will be enjoying this -

Could not ask for more! Since ive been using another system for years, i was a little unsure when i saw that there is no member-limit aswell as no monthly fee. However, as more as i read myself into the features, my eyes went like this -> O.O! You can do so much with this system, you got tons of possibilities and not only you can admin it, even your people who work with you can admin/send messages and what not, after 5 mins max. of getting them "insalled" lol Which seriously, is for me a huge deal and makes me happy lol! After having some difficulties setting everything up, Sasun was there without any question... The Customer Support is just way to awesome and im really happy that i made this choice and switched over. I would defintly recomment this system - very happy with the product. This system has everything you could realistically ever need from clear documention, to efficient setup and even a great backup system. I cannot think of anything to complain about with this, which is unusual for me!! -

Wonderfull system, as also wonderfull support! I was a little clumsy, asked for support, and everything was set up and running within a minute! Many thanks, wonderful product, even better support! -

Very good Kiosk and the very good customer service. Easy to understand with the sample kiosk. My english isnt so good and i used the samples to see, how it works. After 2 hours I had my very own kiosk like need. Sasun Steinbeck called me back after my purchase and gave me same tips and take a look if all its ok:-)) I like her work:-) -

Excellent! Fantastic product and fantastic support from Sasun, i cannot fault this system -

Wonderfull product! Does what it says. Seller give a nice support if u have any questions. Will give 10 Stars but i can't. Great work!!! -

RECOMENDED TO ALL ! Excellent system, love everything about it, was super easy to convert from my old subscribor to this,and the creator is extremely helpful and friendly. Completely happy with my purchase, 10 stars! -

This is a wonderful way for me to handle my notecards and landmarks. It was easy to set up and even easier to operate. No more running through assorted Sims to change notecards in every notecard-giver, no more out of date cards. One update and Bob's your Uncle! I recommend the KioskNet Dispenser System to those who, like me, are not very self-confident with configuration. Believe me, if I can work this succesfully, anyone can -

Absolutely the best choice I was not sure first, because i read about no limits and i had bad experiences with other systems. But it is true, Its easy to handle, easy to setup, and you will have a really excellent customer service! This should be your first choice, when you like to use a subscriber system!! -

Highly Recommended I use this for many things. Gridwide hunt signs especially. Used to be we had to convince 200 merchants to replace the sign but with this we can change the image displayed and the info given right from the server and have all 200 updated in literally seconds without bothering anyone. So easy to map the face for "touch" functions. If there was anything I struggled to understand when first setting up I just grabbed something premade from the box and I could see how it was done. Every use I have had for this system was easy to set up and understand. I have at least 5 servers running at any given time I love this system and would definitely buy it again. Sasun gets a 10 for the absolute best customer service ever. I have just purchased it for a friend :) -