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Home Expo 2 Sponsored By: Galland Homes
Price: L$1,000
Price per meter: L$0.02
Sim Rating: Moderate
Prims: 30000
Contact: Sasun Steinbeck
65,536The Home & Garden Expo, for Relay For Life, is known to be a premiere event, in SL, for Home Designers and Landscapers. In it’s 11th year, the Expo showcases some of SecondLife’s best in homes, decor, furnishings, garden, landscaping and breedables. Home Expo 2
Price: L$1,000
Price per meter: L$0.24
Sim Rating: General
Prims: 1406
Contact: Sasun Steinbeck
4,096SasTech • KioskNet • Fashioncentric Wasp