SasTech KioskNet

Object and Information Distribution System


This list was created on 5/1/2006 by Sasun Steinbeck and has been maintained since then for the benefit of the wonderful venues, artists and art lovers in Second Life. Spend some time visiting the venues and museums by clicking below to visit, spend generously to support the many excellent artists making Second Life such a beautiful and creative place, and send the venue owners a word of thanks if you enjoyed their gallery!

When in world, be sure to click one of the venue kiosks found at any of the locations below to get your venue tour HUDs that make it easy and fun to visit more art venues in Second Life. Enjoy!

Gallery Owners

If you are an art venue owner and would like to join the list, please go get a kiosk in-world or at the SL Marketplace and rez it at your venue. The kiosk will give you detailed instructions on how to be automatically added to the list.

There are quite a few benefits to joining this list, first and foremost being visibility! This will get your name in front of a lot of people that use this list to find interesting places to visit via the SLURLs on the web page or the tour HUD. In October 2009, there were 2869 clicks or HUD map popups of specific venues, the vast majority of which resulted in a visit, so this list is definitely being used!

The kiosk also comes with a free visitor counter that can distribute gifts as well as greetings, and provides your own personal visitor chart online! The counter can be configured to an optimal range or turned off if you already have a visitor counter you like.

About the kiosks

The kiosk system used for the venue list is an advanced version of the KioskNet system sold by me commercially. The kiosks are configured via a web-based form and all kiosk data is stored in both a SQL and mySQL database that you can view live here on this website at any time.