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KioskNet Real Estate Kiosks

The Better Way To Sell Your Property.

The KioskNet Real Estate Kiosks make it a snap to advertise your parcels for sale. Simply drop kiosks on your parcels and your personal professionally designed web listing makes it easy for potential buyers to find and visit your parcels.

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Inform Potential Buyers

The KioskNet Real Estate Kiosk system is designed to make it very easy to rez specially designed real estate information kiosks on all your parcels for sale and/or rent so that visitors can get information about your parcel, both by information displayed on the kiosk and from any type of items that you want to give out from your kiosks automatically. In addition your kiosk can have a teleport button to your land store as well as a button to go to your web site.

Free Web Listings

The other benefit of the KioskNet "RE" system is to create for you a professionally designed, high quality web-based list of parcels for sale or rent. To be competitive, you must have a list of your properties easily discoverable online - and this system does that for you completely automatically. You can easily show your property listing on your own website (Sample 1, Sample 2) or your blog. If you do not have a website or blog - no problem, you can send people to your page on the KioskNet website (Style 1, Style 2) to see your property listing. For Style 1, you can customize the colors, font size, title, subtitle, and the number of listings shown. Your custom listing is provided for free - no need to hassle with purchasing, building, and maintaining your own web site.

Each property listing can show the following info about your parcel: parcel title, description, sale price, rental rate, sim rating, sim prim bonus, contact name, parcel size, a clickable SLURL to the parcel, and a map showing all your properties for sale on the grid.

There are no monthly fees for the system or the web listing, no matter how huge your kiosk network grows or how many kiosk networks you set up.

Easy Configuration

To build your property listing, all you need to do is rez kiosks. When you rez a kiosk on a parcel for sale, it will automatically send you to a web page where you configure a few bits of information that can't be pulled automatically from the parcel information (like your sale price, contact names, rental rate). Once that is done, take a photo of the property and drop it into the kiosk - that photo will show up on your web listing for that parcel, which shows up immediately.

In addition to these features the kiosk system has an impressive array of other features and web-based reports you can look at to manage your kiosk network or to build any other kind of kiosk network you would like.

Additional KioskNet Real Estate Kiosk documentation can be found here.

  • Item Distribution
  • Web Administration
  • Totally Customizable
  • Safe
  • Reliable
  • Powerful
  • Personal Support
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