SasTech KioskNet

Object and Information Distribution System

KioskNet Addons

The Subscriber, Fundraiser, and Virtual Button addons will upgrade ANY SasTech KioskNet system with the full functionality found in the full Subscriber, Fundraiser, and Virtual Button Editions. Any addon can be combined with any and all other addons with no conflicts. Each addons includes everything in the full edition except for the server, but instead comes with scripts to install into any existing KioskNet server to add full edition functionality. This package also includes all the same preconfigured kiosks that come in the various editions as well as scripts you can add to any existing kiosk to give them full edition functionality as well.

Subscriber Addon

Do you need to attract and retain more customers and market to them easily? The KioskNet Subscriber Edition is just what you need.

The KioskNet Subscriber Edition is a powerful networked kiosk system tuned for collecting subscribers, sending messages and items to those subscribers, as well as advertising and item distribution.

The system allows you to easily import and export your subscriber list and there are NO monthly fees or any subscriber size limits, ever. Don't get trapped in a "free" system that makes it almost impossible or expensive to export your subscribers to move elsewhere after you've grown to a certain size!

You can even schedule automatic resends on regular intervals, or schedule your send to start at a specific date/time. A special Turbo mode sends IMs/objects MUCH faster for smaller groups (< 2500).

In addition to subscribing at one of your kiosks, anyone can go to the public SasTech Subscriber Directory from ANY SasTech Subscriber kiosk anywhere and subscribe to your list right from there as well! They can also easily manage their subscriptions there to avoid hassling you to add or remove them.

The system includes a Subscriber HUD that you can send out to people so they can subscribe and manage their subscription inworld using that as well, and get a menu of old messages and request resends. It has all the functionality of the "subscribe" button on your kiosk, just in easy to use HUD form.

Fundraiser Addon

Do you need to organize and run fundraisers in SL, collect donations for your services, or help pay for tier for your location? The KioskNet Fundraiser Addon for the KioskNet system is just what you need.

The KioskNet Fundraiser Edition is a powerful networked kiosk system tuned for chairtable organizations or individuals, making it easy to set up custom contribution kiosks for your campaigns. Full record keeping is kept for EVERY donation, exportable for your records.

The money handling system in the Fundraiser Edition is very robust and reliable and has been collecting money all over the grid for various fundraisers for many years. It is well tested and works great, as well as being as secure as possible to avoid you being ripped off.

Virtual Button Addon

Do you need the most powerful kiosk system available, allowing you to build more powerful kiosks that do more than just give out one item on click? The KioskNet Virtual Button Edition is just what you need.

The KioskNet Virtual Button Edition is a powerful networked kiosk system giving you the most flexibility in kiosk design. Create as many buttons as you want on your kiosk and enable them to give out items, teleport links, web links, group join links, or subscribe to your SasTech distribution list (if you have the Subscriber addon).

For example let's say you want to give out a few different items depending on which button was clicked, and also have more clickable buttons for your various social media sites - your blog, your twitter stream, your facebook page, and a teleport button to your inworld headquarters. This is the system for you - you can do it all.

The beauty and power of this system is that you can add new buttons that do different things at any time, even after all your kiosks are deployed out on the grid. All of your kiosks across the grid will automatically update with your changes, recognizing your new button arrangement. For example let's say you decide you want a new button to give out a new notecard. Simply change your texture as needed, then configure your server online to add the new button, moving the location of existing buttons as needed. Then from the list of actions for your new button, select your new notecard from the dropdown list and save. Your kiosks will update with the new button configuration automatically!

Hunt Addon

The Hunt Item Giver saves hunt organizers a ton of time tracking and verifying required hunt items. It automatically creates a list of all your hunt items across the grid, saving you the time-consuming hassle of teleporting out to every location to confirm that each of your designers has a hunt item out. It also sets the hunt item for sale for a price you control, automatically. In addition, when the hunt is over, you can automatically delete all the hunt items remotely. It is a HUGE time-saver running hunts!

To use the Hunt Item Giver, each of your designers MUST have your hunt's regular KioskNet kiosk rezzed on their store parcel. The Hunt Item Giver must be rezzed on the same parcel to work, so that it can associate itself with that kiosk.

When the Hunt Item Giver is rezzed it automatically adds itself to your hunt item list online. From there you can see all your hunt items, who owns it, a clickable SLURL to the Hunt Item Giver location, the parcel name and description, the name of the Hunt Item Giver (in case you require a certain naming convention), and the names of all items your designers put into their Hunt Item Givers so you can confirm it is loaded and ready to go!

Visitor Counter Addon

The Visitor Counter is a powerful tool you can add to your kiosks that collects data on visitors. It is strictly a kiosk addon and is configured from the kiosk, not the server. It is primarily designed as a feature for your kiosk owners since they can get details on visitors to their location, however you as system owner can see a nice chart on which kiosks are getting the most visitors.

The other great benefit is that the visitor counter can integrate with the Subscriber Edition and automatically send subscribe requests to visitors without requiring them to touch the kiosk.

Each kiosk owner can configure the counter's range, a message to be sent, and even an item to give out (from the kiosk's inventory) to visitors. A menu item on the kiosk owner menu will allow kiosk owners to see their kiosk's visitor data in chart form. If the range is set to 0, the visitor counter is disabled. Note that the visitor counter will cause a very small bit of region lag since it is constantly scanning for visitors every so often.