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All the KioskNet editions are built around the core networked kiosk system in the Basic Edition. The system is modular and upgradeable - you can purchase addons to extend the functionality of your Basic Edition. You can combine any and all of the addons, giving you all the features you need.

The beauty of a networked system is that you can make changes to your entire network simply by reconfiguring the server or changing what items you put in the server to give out. You never need to manually make any changes to your kiosks if you want to give out different items or show different textures. This allows you to have huge kiosk networks that only take minutes to change. You can reconfigure your server anytime, from any web browser.

Web Integration

KioskNet is fully web integrated. Data about each kiosk in the network is stored in a robust, reliable, modern cloud-based database, allowing you to quickly get valuable data and reports about all of your kiosks across the grid.

Server configuration is all done online as well with full real-time settings validation to make it almost impossible to wind up with bad or illegal settings.

Want to know how many items your kiosks delivered every month? Check the Monthly Distribution chart. Want to see which kiosks got the most clicks in a given time period? Check the click charts. Want to see which texture got the most clicks? Check the texture chart. Want to see every single click, when and where it was made? Yep there's a report for that too.

Lots of information about each kiosk is available in your kiosk list online. Parcel name, description, owner, clicks, slurl, date added, and clicks/Day are a few of the data items always available to you.

If you want to show a list of your kiosks to the public, it's already done! Every kiosk network has a publicly viewable list online, and you can even embed that list on your own website, too. What a great way to get more customers to visit your kiosk locations, right from your website!


The Basic edition comes supplied with one simple fully-configured kiosk that you can use immediately, or use as the basis to build your own custom kiosk. It also comes with an additional 9 full perm, professionally designed kiosks you can use or modify as well. No need to be a wiz builder to use this system and have awesome looking kiosks! Sculptie and mesh kiosks are fully supported and work great.

The kiosks can be configured to automatically give group join requests via text chat, and also integrate with SmartBots for much more effective way to get more group members!

System Capabilities

The system is scalable up to 1000 kiosks with just one server. Grow with confidence that your system can definitely handle the load. Servers are copyable so you can rez as many as you need and set up as many differnt networks as you need!

The response time to clicks is very fast. You will notice with other kiosk systems there is a very noticeable and sometimes confusing delay between when a kiosk is clicked and the items are delivered. Not so with KioskNet. Your items are delivered immediately.

System Reliability and Backup

Your KioskNet network of kiosks, unlike other kiosk systems sold today, is impossible to destroy. If you accidentally get a server returned, all you need to do is rez a backup copy and your network is immediately back in operation. Making backup copies of your server is easy - simply take a copy! If you don't have a backup copy, no problem. Rez a new server, set your myID, put your items and texture into the server, and you're back in business. All your server settings will be downloaded from the saved configuration online for you automatically.

Since all data is stored on a web server, you can NEVER lose any data from a script reset. Be careful of systems that store their data in unreliable, slow in-world LSL scripts. They are always vulnerable to a simple reset, and your data is gone.

System Admins

You can add people to a special list of system admins, and with a few clicks they will have full access to your kiosk data online to help you manage your network.

Best Service in SL

Customer Service is a keystone of my business success, as any of my customers will be glad to attest when they have needed help. You are not alone, I will be there for you if you get stuck or don't understand how to make something work. I am constantly improving the extensive online documentation to help you get the most out of your product and give you all the info you need to have a trouble-free, powerful kiosk network system that will help your be successful with your business.

Product Comparison

KioskNet IntelliNet
Price L$2,999 L$2,395
Distributes Any Object
Auto Language Detection for Notecards
Rotates Multiple Textures
NO Risk of All Kiosk Permanent Disconnetion
Administer Kiosk List Online
Kiosk Click Charts Online
Transfer Entire Network to New Owner
"Copy + Rez" Easy Server Backup/Restore
Auto Fail-Over Multiple Server Redundancy
All Data Safe from Script Reset Loss
Kiosk Location Tour HUD
Kiosk Network Monitoring Tool
Kiosk Distribution Tool sold separately
Full Updated Documentation Online
Kiosk Listing On Your Website
Kiosk Communication Protocol HTTP (Fast) Email (Slower)

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In summary, KioskNet is the most powerful, reliable, scalable, enterprise-ready advertising, subscriber messaging, and item distribution system available in Second Life. If you are determined to make your business grow, don't get caught stuck with an inferior product unable to meet your changing needs or grow along with your business. Go with the best, KioskNet!

For more information on how KioskNet works, you can view the full documentation here.